GMC 2500 HD Utility Truck
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GMC 2500 HD Utility Truck 2006 2wd


Product Description

GMC 2500 HD Utility Truck 2006 | work truck with racks | ironmartonline


GMC is a household name.
They have always been known to produce reliable trucks.
In fact, they were so reliable in 1914,
90% of GMC truck production was for the U.S. Army in World War I.
The army continued its tradition of relying on their trucks
with GMC manufacturing over half-a-million
2-1/2 ton 6x6 trucks for World War II.
GMC even won an Army-Navy “E” medal
for their invaluable contributions
that led to winning the war.
GMC continued to advance its industry,
eventually becoming the third largest distributors of U.S. trucks in 1979.
They have continued to have a dominating presence
in the automotive world today.

This 2006 GMC 2500 HD utility truck
has an impressive 6.0 liter V8 Vortec engine
that is well known for having an improved air/fuel mixture ratio
which maximizes its engine performance.
It is a 2 wheel drive with automatic transmission.
As a modern standard this truck has A/C, cruise control,
AM/FM and tilt wheel as some of the basic features.

The bed of the truck is mounted with a Stahl utility box
with an aluminum rack.
All the compartments have a lockable feature
to protect your supplies and tools on any jobsite.
You can store all of your tools and supplies easily onto this 2006 GMC 2500.

Now for the best part of this vehicle.
It has only 3,778 miles on this 2006 GMC.
You can't find a GMC with less miles without buying a new one.
The engine on this utility truck hasn't even really turned.
There's no damage anywhere.
There's not even any dust on the radiator fan!
Obviously, there has only been one owner,
and this owner treated this GMC with respect.
It has been kept immaculate.
It goes beyond saying that there is plenty of life left in this beautiful work horse.
This truck can do whatever you need.
It's a GMC.
Your biggest regret will be the first ding you put in it
when you finally put this GMC to work.


This GMC 2500 is Located in Hardwick, NJ 07825

Please understand I don't own this 2006 GMC 2500 HD Utility Truck personally
I am a full time broker selling for a customer
My goal is to bring the buyer and seller together
I do my very best to tell you what I know
I encourage and very much support a pre-buy inspection
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