Flatbed Truck for Sale
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Used Flatbed Truck for Sale

Business Class M2
Mercedes-Benz 210 HP
20ft long
New Holland, PA 17557
Jay Trevorrow

Product Description

Flatbed Truck for Sale

A Freightliner flatbed truck has an excellent reputation in

the commercial sector. These vehicles are known for their

dependability, ease of following the maintenance protocol

and longevity. This 2006 M2 class flatbed truck for sale is

easy to recognize because it features a perfectly flat bed and

no sides or roof. This enhances the ease of loading and

unloading in virtually all settings. You would look for these

types of used delivery trucks for sale when you operate a

warehouse and deliver loads of goods to retailers and

construction job sites. Other interested in this truck include

commercial truck rental agencies and construction company owners.

The 20-foot length of the flat bed accommodates a wide

variety of payloads and may even allow you to load multiple

orders for separate customers. Whether you deliver

construction supplies, bricks, machinery or appliances, this

flatbed truck for sale easily transports them to their

destinations. With a gross vehicle weight rating (GVW) of

26,000 pounds, the Freightliner flatbed truck is a non-CDL

truck. Adding a non-CDL truck to your fleet allows

employees who do not have a commercial driver’s license to

operate the vehicle.

Freightliner Flatbed Trucks for Sale

Used Flatbed Delivery Truck For Sale

Model : Business Class M2

GVW : 26,000

Miles : 166,000

Engine : Mercedes-Benz 210 HP

Transmission : Automatic

Flatbed : 20ft long

Freightliner Flatbed Truck

Being a 2006 model, this flatbed truck for sale only has

166,000 miles on the odometer, which shows that there is

still plenty of life left in the Freightliner flatbed truck.

Whereas some used delivery trucks for sale feature manual

transmissions, this one is an automatic, which further

enhances the ease of operations. Since it runs with a

Mercedes-Benz 210Hp engine, acceleration is a snap.

One of the hallmarks good used delivery trucks for sale

must posses is the ability to provide a smooth ride. Make a

mistake in your selection here, and you find that you spend

too much time re-packing your loads and re-shifting them

on the bed portion. After all, you cannot afford for your

cargo to move because of shoddy shocks. The Freightliner

flatbed truck is one of the used delivery trucks for sale that

meets the expectation of offering a smooth ride. The flatbed

truck for sale is attractive, functional and sure to be an asset

to any business. Do not let this deal pass you by; check out

this flatbed truck for sale today.

Freightliner Flatbed Trucks for Sale

Freightliner Flatbed Trucks for Sale

Freightliner Flatbed Trucks for Sale

Freightliner Flatbed Trucks for Sale

Freightliner Flatbed Trucks for Sale

Freightliner Flatbed Trucks for Sale


This Flatbed Delivery Truck, Located in New Holland, PA 17557

We do make every effort to accurately represent the condition

of all items advertised and or represented.

This Flatbed Delivery Truck is sold on an as-is basis,

with no warranty, express or implied.

(Standard selling Practice for the industry)

For this reason, we strongly encourage and support

a prebuy inspection of any item

before you purchase it.

Please understand I don't own this Flatbed Delivery Truck personally

I am a full time broker selling for a customer

My goal is to bring the buyer and seller together

I do my very best to tell you what I know

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