R Model Mack Roll Off Tandem
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Mack R Model Roll Off Tandem


Product Description

R-Model Mack Roll Off for sale | Mack Garbage Trucks used | Can Hauler

Mack Trucks has been in business
for more than a century.
Over the years they've built a bit of everything,
including buses, trains, APCs, and fire trucks.
The Mack tradition of
introducing innovations into their products
– theirs were the first trucks with air and oil filters,
drive shafts, and power brakes –
continues to this day.
Just as importantly,
their trucks are still built with
the power and tenacity
that earned them the “Bulldog” nickname
long before the bulldog mascot
ever graced their trucks.
So a Mack isn't your ordinary truck;
it's a vehicle with a pedigree.

The Mack R series
was introduced in 1966
as a replacement for
the beloved B series.
By this point, Mack
had learned from the experience
of producing tens of thousands of vehicles
for the Allied war effort in World War II,
and thousands more of the B-model Macks.
Then, as now, the Mack
was truly an all-purpose vehicle.

Regarding this 2001 model,
first things first:
The hood, and air cleaner box need a little TLC.
But really, it's hard to build a hood
to the same specs as
this RD688SX's 20,000lb front axle,
or its (very rare) 65,000 pound rears,
and she'd get pretty lousy gas mileage
if they had.
The heavy duty double frame,
Allison automatic transmission
with a 6:64 gear ratio,
and 64 mph top speed courtesy of
a low-mileage Mack E7 350 engine
-- in other words, the stuff that counts
when you count on your truck --
are also in top form.
The truck has a tare weight of 26,800 lbs.
Its model number (RD688SX)
breaks down as follows:
RD: Heavy Duty R
688: Chassis and engine designation
S: Six Wheel Chassis
X: Extreme Duty
(just in case the Heavy Duty part
wasn't quite emphatic enough).
Translation: This truck will survive
anything you throw at it,
and the little bulldog on the hood
will still glower at you,
as if to say,
"Is that all you've got?"

Mack is as well-known today
as it was a century ago
for its tradition of power and innovation.
Its commitment to quality and longevity
also should not be overlooked.
Mack trucks from the 1940's
through the 1960's
can be spotted, to this day
– some with bungee cord and duct tape strategically placed –
still chugging stubbornly along.
That bulldog may not be pretty,
but it's roadworthy,
with a big heart that just won't quit.

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This Truck is Located in Wayne, NJ 07470

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