Single axle Crew Cab Dump Truck
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2004 Ford F-650 Crew Cab Single Axle 12ft Dump Truck Automatic

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Single Axle 12ft Dump Body F-650 Crew Cab

Work Trucks for Sale

This Ford F-650 dates from 2004.

A one-owner truck,

it's clean, loaded, and in great shape.

Its 210 horsepower C7 CAT diesel

(professionally tuned to 240 hp)

and 6-speed Allison 3000 automatic transmission

have 40,527 miles on them.

This crew cab truck includes air brakes,

all new rear tires,

80 gallon diesel tank,

3 line deep cell batteries,

and a Timbern load leveling system.

The custom rear bumper includes

Halla head lights and reverse lights,

and there's additional illumination

courtesy of 2 KC driving lights and undercarriage spotlight.

The air conditioned 4-door extended cab

seats six comfortably

and includes AM/FM stereo

plus ice cold AC.

The 12 foot dump body features a hydraulic PTO

and has 4 foot sides,

giving it a 15 yard capacity.

In addition to barn doors,

the bed features welded D rings

to secure tarps and other loads,

and a rack that accommodates three wheel barrows.

In addition to all of that,

the truck includes a pintle hook

with a 3 point receiver,

plus a piggyback I-Pack tool box.

Oh, and lest we forget,

there's air and electric to the back,

and a rubber kit installed

on the front and rear springs.

This truck squeaks in at a GVW of 25,999 pounds.

This isn't a CDL truck,

but it's specced for heavy-duty work,

with 10 x 22.5 truck tires,

a 17,500 pound rear and 10,000 front axle,

and a 25,999 GVWR.

Fully fueled, the truck's tare weight is 16,264 pounds.

This truck has been very well maintained

and was just serviced.

This truck's owner put a great deal of money

into outfitting, and then maintaining, this truck.

We encourage an in-person inspection

to see the truck, and the possibilities, for yourself.

Ford trucks have a history

nearly as long as the Ford Motor Company itself,

from the early Ford "trucks,"

based on the venerable Model T body,

to the F series, introduced in 1948.

The first Ford trucks designed and built

from the ground up as trucks,

the F series endures,

through many modifications, to this day,

and remains as recognizeable and beloved as Ford's

Thunderbird and Mustang.

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