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2000 R Model Mack Tri Axle Dump Truck

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Mack RD688S Tri Axle Dump

Tri Axles For Sale

This 2000 R Model Mack RD688S.

has a strong 350 HP Mack E7 diesel

coupled to a smooth-shifting Eaton Fuller 8LL transmission.

It's been very well maintained,

and if you take the same care of it

that its current owner has,

this truck could double the 396,379 miles

it currently has on it.

We have been unable to verify axle weights or rear ratios

but we estimate it to have 44,000 pound rears,

a 20,000 pound drop axle,

and an 18,000 pound front axle.

This RD688S tri axle

has an aluminum 17.6 yard Hewey dump body.

It has 58" sides.

The dump body's in good shape,

and the hydraulics still provide respectable raise and lower times.

Overall, this is a very good truck.

We encourage you to schedule

an in-person inspection to see it for yourself.

Mack Trucks has been in business

for more than a century.

Over the years they've built a bit of everything,

including buses, trains, APCs, and fire trucks.

The Mack tradition of

introducing innovations into their products

– theirs were the first trucks with air and oil filters,

drive shafts, and power brakes –

continues to this day.

Just as importantly,

their trucks are still built with

the power and tenacity

that earned them the “Bulldog” nickname

long before the bulldog mascot

ever graced their trucks.

So a Mack isn't your ordinary truck;

it's a vehicle with a pedigree.

The Mack R series

was introduced in 1966

as a replacement for

the beloved B series.

By this point, Mack

had learned from the experience

of producing tens of thousands of vehicles

for the Allied war effort in World War II,

and thousands more of the B-model Macks.

Then, as now, the Mack

was truly an all-purpose vehicle.

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