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20 Ton Eager Beaver Tagalong Trailer Used for Sale

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20 Ton Eager Beaver Tagalong Trailers: Legendary Quality at an Amazing Price

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Tagalong Trailers

This 20 ton Eager Beaver tagalong trailer

is a 1985.

Besides still being straight and strong

it's one of the cleanest trailers we've seen

with excellent tires, wood, and frame.

Its air brakes still have plenty of stopping power.

It's still in steady use,

and still as straight and ready to work

as it was the day it was bought.

The trailer measures 17'x96" (LxW).

We suggest not waiting on this trailer,

since it won't be around long

given its condition and price.

Since 1946, Eager Beaver Trailers

have been synonymous with service, safety, and design innovations.

Thanks to quality components and workmanship, their detachable lowboys and tagalongs

offer unmatched durability and safety,

to satisfied customers the world over.

No matter why you need a tagalong,

Eager Beaver is the right trailer for the job.

Eager Beaver trailers are a sensible buy,

at an unbeatable price.

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