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1999 Moxy MT40 B Articulated Dump

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Moxy Articulated Dump For Sale |

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This Moxy MT40 B articulated dump

was manufactured in 1999.

It has a 40 ton capacity

(29 cubic yards, heaped).

The MT40 B is powered by

a 442hp Scania DSI14 engine.

It has full-time six wheel drive

on its 29.5-25 tires.

The machine's axle weights are

20,000 kg (44,092 pounds) front

and 45,500 kg (100,310 pound) rears

which, if you're keeping track,

means a 64100kg / 141316 lb max weight.

It includes EROPS and a standard trough.

Founded in the 1960's, Norway's Moxy company

became Europe's most-respected builder of articulated dump trucks.

Moxy would be absorbed by English and Japanese companies,

including Brown and Komatsu,

but their reputation endures

thanks to excellent traction and stability

that ensures peak performance in the worst conditions.

The Moxy name was discontinued by Doosan in 2011,

but its trucks still stubbornly soldier on.

Call us today to see this one for yourself.

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