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1932 Chevy Confederate Canopy Express 1.5 Ton Truck

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Antique trucks for sale | 1932 Chevy Confederate | Chevy Canopy Express |

Classic Trucks for sale

In 1929 – when Ford’s trucks were still truck bodies on car chassis –

Chevrolet introduced the first

six-cylinder engine light truck.

By the introduction of the Confederate in 1932,

the company had three years’ worth of design innovations

on which to build,

and they took full advantage.

A few variants of the Confederate were produced,

including a light pickup

(built on the chassis of the Confederate sedan),

a half-ton variant,

and a rarer 1.5 ton version.

This is a very rare

1932 Chevrolet Confederate Canopy Express,

purchased in 1937 by the owner’s grandfather

when the truck was only five years old.

It’s been a family heirloom in the years since,

and the current owner

has all of the original paperwork.

All of the numbers match

and the mileage is correct.

It runs very well.

Family lore has it

that only fifty of these trucks were made

and that this is one of three survivors.

This ’32 Confederate is a 1.5 ton truck.

In its time, some of its features

would be considered forward-looking;

it featured steel disc wheels,

and better cooling and lubricating systems.

This was also the first year

that the dedicated truck

got a dedicated truck engine,

the 194 cubic inch OHV (OverHead Valve) engine,

resulting in improved engine output (53hp),

as well as trading double-clutching

for a synchro-mesh transmission.

It has a 131” wheel base and single rear axle.

Its serial number, #2NA01-4549,

indicates it was made in Tarrytown, NY, in January of 1932.

As you can see in the photos,

the truck’s body shows its age.

You can also see, however,

that the truck has been maintained;

the outer skin on the passenger door

has been replaced,

and the woodwork, which the owner restored,

is in excellent shape.

Whether you’re a restorer, a Chevy enthusiast,

or just a lover of the classics,

this is an opportunity to own an American classic.

With a bit of body work and paint,

this diamond in the rough will truly shine.

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